Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation

Mitigation is any activity taken to reduce the risk and vulnerability of people and infrastructure to damage and/or injury.

Some examples of wind mitigation opportunities for a building include:

  • Increase wind resistance of windows with wood or metal shutters and impact resistant glazing
  • Increase wind resistance of house and garage doors with the addition of beams
  • Increase wind resistance of roof structures with hurricane clips and straps
  • Ensure mobile homes are anchored securely with tie downs.

View a 20 page booklet with practical suggestions on wind mitigation at Florida Distater's website. From the left-side bullet menu on the home page, choose Mitigation. Then, scroll down and look on the right-hand side of the screen for the Wind Mitigation Booklet.

Hurricane Loss Mitigation

The Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program (HLMP) is a grant funded program to increase the wind resistance of homes– at no cost to eligible homeowners! The intent of the program is to retrofit the entire envelope of the house: the roof and all doors, windows, soffits, and vents. Some common mitigation efforts include shutters, impact resistant doors and windows, gable end bracing, hurricane straps, and more.

Please view the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Brochure (PDF) to learn more about this program.