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Posted on: March 11, 2019

SRA1A Project Update

A1A Update 3.8.19

🔶 SRA1A Project Update 🔶 - Here's this week's status update:

⚠️ North 18th Street to Osprey Drive: The Contractor has begun drilling operations to install the concrete shafts that will create the buried seawall. Work is continuing northward to clear and place additional sand within the project corridor.

🔸- Drivers are asked to obey the 25-mph speed limit and avoid parking on the shoulder. Pedestrians also are asked to use caution and stay within the sidewalk.

🔸 - The finished wall will have concrete columns at alternating depths of eighteen (18) feet and thirty-six (36) feet. The drill that is being used was specifically built for this project. It stands roughly one-hundred fee (100') tall and has two (2) rotary heads that spin in opposite directions. Sleeves are used to collect the material as it is drilled out of the shaft. That material is taken offsite.

🔸 - During drilling, concrete is pumped into the hole through the center of the hole. A complex computer system on the drilling rig measures every aspect of the activity, including volumes of material removed and placed, and the condition of the soil being removed.

South 22nd to South 9th Street: The Contractor is completing installation of the barrier wall and placing northbound SRA1A onto the temporary travel lane that will be in use throughout the project. No additional lane closures are expected on SRA1A. Work will continue during daylight hours Monday through Saturday outside of the travel lane.

🔸 - Construction activities include placing black fencing at the edge of the work area and excavating sidewalk to begin the water main installation. The black fencing is used to control erosion and is a requirement for the project.

🔸 - Pedestrians are being detoured onto temporary walkways (see picture below) to accommodate construction activities. Please stay within the designated pathways for safety.

🔸 - City Garbage will no longer be collected on SRA1A in this area and residents are being asked to place cans in the alleyways behind their homes or on a side street. For more information about City Sanitation please contact  (386) 517-2017.

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