Yard Waste

Yard Trash Pick Up Schedule

Yard waste will be picked up weekly.

Monday and Tuesday - North of SR 100 and West of the Intracoastal Waterway

Wednesday and Thursday - South of SR 100

Exact pick-up day will vary with volume of material and truck load.

Have your yard waste out by 7 a.m. on the first day.

Yard Trash Rules

Standards for yard waste collection are as follows:

  1. Loose items such as, but not limited to, palm boots, grass and leaves shall be placed in a residential container.
  2. Branches shall be cut into lengths of five (5) feet or less and shall be no bigger than five (5) inches in diameter-stacked with other yard waste.
  3. Palm fronds need to be neatly piled with all stems toward the street in a pile no larger than three (3) feet wide, six
    (6) feet high and six (6) feet long, or tied in bundles no larger than one man can handle.

Special pickup service means an excessive amount of garbage or yard waste as determined by the director to be beyond reasonable amounts that do not lend themselves to normal service. This includes but is not limited to accumulation of more than eight (8) thirty-two-gallon containers of garbage or yard waste; a pile of yard waste no larger than three (3) feet wide, six (6) feet high and six (6) feet long, or no more than 4 cubic yards or yard waste that is not placed in an approved manner, (see standards for yard waste collection).

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please call the Sanitation Department at 386-517-2017 or send an email to Sanitation.