There are numerous pamphlets, brochures, and instruction manuals available for FREE at City Hall and the City Library. Topics include flood insurance, proper building techniques to avoid or reduce flood damage, stormwater management, and the importance of protecting our wetlands. To surf the web for information, click on the links below NFIP and FEMA web pages have searchable publications.

Resource Description
Flagler County Emergency Management 
The resource for Disaster Preparedness for Flagler Beach and all of Flagler County.
Florida Division of Emergency Management SERT – State Emergency Response Team
A 24 page "Sever Weather Awareness Guide" covers not only floods, but lightning, marine hazards, tornadoes and thunderstorms; and extreme temperature wildfires. Also an excellent 20 page booklet on Wind Mitigation
National Hurricane Center
(National Weather Service)
Tracks cyclone activity in the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.
Hurricane City 
Current and historic hurricane data that is city specific. (Non-governmental site)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

FEMA’s Flood Insurance Page
Everything you want to know about flood insurance, and then some.
Homeowners Flood Insurance
Affordability Act of 2014

To read the complete text of the bill of HFIAA.
National Flood Insurance Program “Flood Smart”
Lots of informative and downloadable documents.
Congressional Research Service 
Flood Buyouts: Federal Funding for Property Acquisition
Zoom in and prepare your own map using FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Maps. (Do the tutorial first to save time and frustration, or just call the City. J)
St. Johns River Water Management District
Information on stormwater management and flood control structures; and a link to rain and stream gauges
Quality Engineering & SurveyingInformation on grants to elevate and/or mitigate your home.
U. S. Fish and Wildlife
Generate a wetlands map for your area of interest from the Wetlands Mapper.