Recycling Pick Up Schedule

  • South of Highway 100 (Moody Boulevard) including the area south of Snack Jack - Wednesday
  • North of Highway 100 (Moody Boulevard), west of Intracoastal Waterway, and the golf course area - Thursday

Change in Recycling

As of January 11, 2010, the recycling bins are no longer supplied by the county. If you are in need of a recycling bin, please call sanitation at 517-2000 x 239.

Recycling Information 

  • Bins are available for free by calling (386) 517-2000 x 239 to arrange delivery.
  • All recyclables can be mixed together in the same bin.
  • Bins should be road side by 7 AM the morning of your pick-up.
  • Bins should be within 6 feet of the road.

Acceptable Items

Recycling is mandatory in Flagler Beach. We ask for your help. Please recycle the following materials:

  • Steel, tin and aluminum cans (empty and rinsed)
  • Glass (any types)
  • Cardboard (also clean pizza boxes)
  • Magazines, phone books, newspapers
  • Phone books
  • Plastic with a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 on the bottom
  • Paper and shredded paper (bagged so it is contained)

Unacceptable Items 

  • Foam Rubber
  • Styrofoam / Bubble wrap
  • Hardcover Books (can remove covers and recycle inside pages)
  • Light plastics (like cellophane)
  • Paper towels, Tissues

**Plastic bags are NOT recyclable. Please take them to your neighborhood grocery store**

View the sanitation flyer for more information.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please send an email to Sanitation or call 386-517-2000 x 239.