Order Glass Gravel from Big Blue, the City’s New Glass Recycling Machine! 

The City of Flagler Beach’s new glass recycling machine, “Big Blue,” is hard at work.  May 4th was the first citywide glass recycling pick-up, and it produced about six tons of glass. We are so proud of our community’s recycling efforts. The City is excited to offer purchase of the glass gravel that Big Blue creates.  Along with the purchase of glass gravel comes equal amounts of glass sand free of charge.   

For detailed information on pricing and how to order, please click the link: RECYCLED GLASS PURCHASE.  

For questions, please email


Let’s keep our garbage/recycle can collectors safe! Please consider purchasing a tipper garbage and /or recycle cart for $77.04 each (includes tax and personally delivered) by calling 386.517.2000, Option 1. These tough, stable and durable carts will last for years and help our Sanitation Department.  Let’s advocate for better health and safety by purchasing a closed lidded can today.

Image of Tipper Carts

The gray cart is for recycling, and the brown cart is for garbage. The Sanitation Department still offers small blue recycle bins at no cost.  

Recycling Pick Up Schedule

  • All city wide recycling will be picked up on Wednesdays.

Change in Recycling

As of Wednesday, May 4, 2022,the city is now recycling glass again. The city will only be recycling corrugated cardboard, boxes, glass, tin and aluminum products.  

If you are in need of a recycling bin, please call sanitation at 517-2017.

Recycle Recycle Recycle Now

Recycling Information 

  • Bins are available for free by calling (386) 517-2017 to arrange delivery.
  • Bins should be road side by 7 AM the morning of your pick-up and should be within 6 feet of the road.
  • Please separate the cardboard from the aluminum, tin, and glass. 

Acceptable Items

 Please recycle the following materials in two separate containers (example - all glass, tin, and aluminum in a recycling bin, and cardboard piled to the side)

  • Aluminum (aluminum cans, aluminum bottles) 
  • Tin products
  • Glass (labels included)
  • Corrugated cardboard

Unacceptable Items 

  • Foam Rubber
  • Styrofoam / Bubble wrap
  • Books, papers
  • Any plastics 
  • Paper towels, Tissues, Toilet paper rolls
  • Pizza boxes
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Shoe boxes

**Plastic bags are NOT recyclable. Please take them to your neighborhood grocery store**

View the City of Flagler Beach Recycling Brochure for more information.

Contact Information

For questions or concerns, please send an email to Sanitation or call 386-517-2017.

For questions about ordering the recycled glass products, please contact